Video Clips

Arash Broken Angel MTV

A sequel to "Pure Love" MTV by Arash, "Broken Angel" features Miss Venezuela as it's heroine. The brief called for us to scout for surreal locations that would fit the surreal feel of this video. The other was to explore seamless camera moves. This MTV, directed by Farbod Khoshtinat, garnered close to 200 million views (in total) including shares to date.  


One of the many videos we produced for ARASH, this one saw him collaborating with with American Rapper, T-Pain. The video also featured NY Tattoo artist Cleo. Arash and T Pain were shot on green screen in Germany, and the rest of the video was shot here in Malaysia. The task was to maintain an international look and feel and feel and create a real gaming experience for the video. This MTV has over 7 million views to date.